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An assortment of various calculators, utilities, and recipes for your personal enjoyment.

  • Woodworking Calculations in MS-Excel (UPDATED - 18 KB .zip download)
    The multi-use woodworking mathematics solver. Calculate tapers and compound miters, solve right triangles, determine depth-of-cut on tenons, and calculate board feet. Find the circumferential speeds of grinders, saws and other rotating objects. Solve electrical problems, including line voltage drop; determining amperage, efficiency, torque and horsepower calculations for single-phase and three-phase A.C. motors. Calculate heater fuel consumption and compare energy use and operating costs for propane, natural gas, kerosene, and electric heaters. Program also includes many unit conversions and geometric calculations useful to woodworkers. The "Swiss Army Knife" of woodworking software.

  • DIY Loudspeaker Design Program in MS-Excel (300 KB .zip download)
    Design 2-way and 3-way sealed and vented loudspeakers based on the Thiele-Small parameters of your loudspeaker drivers. Program also enables you to create first, second and third order crossover networks; wind your own inductors; design L-pads and Zobel networks; and calculate power distribution and cable impedance. Zip file includes design notes and crossover schematics.

  • Antenna Wavelength Calculator in MS-Excel (4 KB .zip download)
    I cobbled together this quick-and-dirty spreadsheet when I was designing an antenna for a Part 15 (low-power) FM transmitter system. Calculate the length of 1/8-wave, 1/4-wave, 1/2-wave, 5/8-wave and full-wave radiators, based on frequency. Reverse-calculate tuning frequency, based on known antenna length. Also convert between gain (dB) and power ratio, and voltage/dBu.

  • Home Loan Amortization Calculator in MS-Excel (4 KB .zip download)
    Calculate payment amount, compare different mortages side-by-side, determine how much loan you can afford based on your budgeted periodic payment amount, find how much you can save by accelerating repayment, etc.

  • Crab Cakes
    My Maryland-style crab cakes -- always a crowd-pleaser. Mmmmmmm...crab cakes.

  • Chipotle Chili
    My chipotle chili recipe -- not too spicy, not too mild. Just right.

  • DIY Audio Amplifier Schematics (375 KB .pdf document)
    Schematics and photos of a 68 watt per channel stereo amplifier I built more than 10 years ago. I still use it and it still sounds great.

FREE WOODWORKING PLANS (PDF -- unless otherwise noted)
Requires the free Adobe Reader

These are hand-sketched drawings, scanned and saved to .pdf. Don't expect detailed instructions here (with the exception of the router table plan which goes into some detail). Some are little more than crude scribblings. What I have to offer are quick-and-dirty drawings that will get you going in the right direction. Besides, if you are like me, you will want to modify them to your own specifications anyway. Good luck and have fun.

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